Buy Directly from Tuxedo Cat Press!

To order one or more paperback copies of State v. Claus directly from Tuxedo Cat Press, please email us at tcp(at)tuxedocatpress(dot)com and give us the following information:

a. How many copies you’d like to order at $15.99 each, plus shipping and applicable sales tax (see below);

b. Where you’d like each copy to be sent (full address, including ZIP code); and

c. Whether you’d like to have your book(s) signed and, if so, whether you’d also like to have it/them personalized (and to whom).

When we have this information, we’ll send you an invoice through PayPal so you can pay for your books. Once we’ve received payment, we’ll send out your book(s).

* * * * *

Two important notes:

1. For every book that’s sent to an address in Connecticut, we need to collect sales tax at the rate of 6.35%. This means that for one book at $15.99, sales tax is $1.02. (Right now, this only applies to books sent to Connecticut addresses.)

2. Unless otherwise instructed by you, we ship books to U.S. addresses using the USPS media mail rate, which currently works out to $3.45 for a single book. As of December, 2020, the U.S. post office says that materials sent by media mail are delivered in 2-8 business days. If you need your books faster, let us know. We’ll figure out what shipping will cost, and we’ll let you know so you can decide if that works for you.

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