State v. Claus

“. . . a perfect grown-up fairy tale!”

As a partner in a small Connecticut law firm, Meg Riley assesses her clients’ cases based on logic, reason, and hard evidence. But Meg’s rational approach is tested when she is appointed to represent an attractive man who was arrested on Christmas Eve for criminal trespass. His explanation for being in a stranger’s house in the middle of the night? He was delivering presents to a little boy—because he, Ralph Claus, is the son of Santa Claus. Or so he claims.
From the courtroom to Santa’s workshop and back again, Meg’s efforts to win Ralph’s case are complicated by a variety of people with competing agendas. The little boy’s mother is determined to see Ralph convicted, a quest supported by a powerful politician. Ralph’s mother is more concerned about protecting the secrets of Santa than the niceties of the legal system. Meg’s law partners are becoming concerned about her ability to balance Ralph’s case with her obligations to bigger clients—and they don’t even know about Meg’s romantic feelings for Ralph.
After trial, an unexpected bombshell jeopardizes Meg’s career. Faced with the potential loss of all she holds dear, Meg must decide once and for all: is Ralph a con man? A lunatic? Or–is he who he says he is?
P. Jo Anne Burgh has woven a luminous tale of love and friendship, laced with drama, humor, joy, romance—and more than a touch of magic.


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State v. Claus

“P. Jo Anne Burgh’s State v. Claus is a splendid combination of romance, magic and legal drama. Written with verve and humor, this novel will have you ‘believing’ in Christmas again.”  

–Susan Schoenberger, author of A Watershed Year

“State v. Claus is a whimsical delight. P. Jo Anne Burgh has a fresh voice. You will definitely want to read her.”

–David Handler, Edgar Award-winning author of the Stewart Hoag and Berger & Mitry novels

***** Wow. You find yourself believing it could happen. . .

In your usual Santa Claus story, you have to agree to suspend reality. Not here. Meg is not a flighty romantic, willing to believe any story her client tells her. She’s as skeptical as a good lawyer should be. But. . . . by the time you finish the book, it does make you wonder if just maybe. . . . . could it? Thoroughly enjoyed it! I would not classify it as a holiday story even if Claus is involved. A good read any day of the year. I hope we see more from this author. And soon.

–Amazon customer, 10/30/20

I totally enjoyed State v. Claus! P. Jo Anne Burgh knows the law, so I knew she’d get the courtroom drama right, but it was her description of the North Pole the had me wondering if maybe she’d been there too.

–Ang Pompano, author of When It’s Time For Leaving

A fabulous 5-star review from Anthony Cardno!

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