A Word from Our Managing Editor

Dear Readers,

My name is Charlotte Antoinette Burgh. Once upon a time, I was a pregnant stray. Then, I was a shelter kitty, waiting to be adopted while my adorable little kittens easily found homes.

Today, I am the managing editor of Tuxedo Cat Press.

It wasn’t an easy road. My time on the streets was rocky. In addition to getting knocked up, I got into a few scuffles that left me with a scar on my nose and another on my eye. Not terrible, but enough that some potential adopters didn’t think I was pretty enough.

Screw them. I’m gorgeous.

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It’s Small Business Saturday!

Here in the US, it’s Small Business Saturday, a day when we encourage everybody to shop at their local small businesses. Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to shop at many small businesses from the comfort of your home, but we guarantee that they’d love to see you in person!

Reader Elizabeth Flynn sent this photo after she purchased State v. Claus at her local independent bookstore, River Bend Bookshop in Glastonbury, Connecticut. This means that she supported THREE local businesses: River Bend Bookshop, Tuxedo Cat Press, and author P. Jo Anne Burgh. Way to go, Elizabeth!

State v. Claus is available at local bookstores nationwide. If your store doesn’t have it in stock, just tell the person in charge of ordering that it’s available through Ingram. They’ll know what that means.

Thanks for supporting local businesses!

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