Coming soon: My Brother, Romeo

Two brothers, unalike in nearly every way, In a small town in California, where we lay our scene, From cattle roundups to Shakespeare’s famous balcony, Where brotherly blood must overcome all obstacles Lest the show not go on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Coming soon from Tuxedo Cat Press–the lighthearted story of two very different brothers who must findContinue reading “Coming soon: My Brother, Romeo”

A Word from Our Managing Editor

Dear Readers, My name is Charlotte Antoinette Burgh. Once upon a time, I was a pregnant stray. Then, I was a shelter kitty, waiting to be adopted while my adorable little kittens easily found homes. Today, I am the managing editor of Tuxedo Cat Press. It wasn’t an easy road. My time on the streetsContinue reading “A Word from Our Managing Editor”